Duration: 5 days

Prerequisites: Openstack Essentials

Description: This course covers advanced and new features in Neutron project in Openstack. Students should have solid knowledge of Openstack, presented in Openstack Essentials as well as solid networking knowledge (e.g. CCNP knowledge level is recommended). First, standard features are reviewed. Next, described features are covered in details in the lab.


Lab review

Openstack Network architecture review (from course OS-ESS)


  • DNS integration
  • High availability for DHCP
  • DVR and HA
    • High Availability with VRRP
    • DVR with HA for network nodes
  • OVS native firewall driver
  • Trunking
  • QoS
    • General linux QoS
    • Openvswitch QoS
    • Openstack QoS
  • BGP dynamic routing, address scopes, subnet pools
  • SFC basics
  • DPDK and Openswitch with DPDK basics