Duration: 5 days

Prerequisites: Openstack infrastructure, ver. 1.1

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In this course students will learn what Openstack is and how to implement it. Rather than using some of available automation tools like juju or puppet that help to quickly build Openstack implementation but hide lot of details for beginners, in this course Openstack is intentionally build manually, step by step, service by service. This will help a lot when working on implementation built by automation tool.
Knowledge of linux and kvm+libvirt fundamentals from os-infra course is essential to attend this course. Next, additional knowledge of linux networking capabilities (netns, iptables) as well as knowledge of openflow and openvswitch is essential to understand Openstack networking service. Therefore, part of this course is dedicated to explaining and implement these topics.


Introduction to Openstack

– virtualization concepts
– virtualization tools for local deployment
– need for virtualizaion automation
– Openstack: complex architecture for large scale deployment

Openstack architecture
– user interaction with Openstack: dashboard / cli / curl, api endpoints
– Openstack core services
– Openstack core services introduction: identity management, image, compute, networking, block storage, dashboard, and object storage
– other Openstack services
– other implementation services: ntp, message queue, database

Networking in linux environment:
– openvswitch concepts and openflow basics
– openflow example
– iptables concepts and example
– netns concepts and example

Building multinode Openstack implementation
– installing operating system (Ubuntu distribution), configuring network, configuring ntp
– explain and implement underlying services: database, message queue, memcached
– explain, implement and verify: identity service
– explain, implement and verify: image service
– explain, implement and verify: compute service
– openvswitch concepts and openflow basics
– explain, implement and verify: network service with openvswitch and provider network
– logging as a user, creating and starting instance, attaching console
– editing security group, verifying network connectivity
– creating keypair and attaching to instance
– explaining metadata service
– explaining cloudinit
– explain, implement and verify: dashboard service
– explain, implement and verify: volume service
– using volume service
– explain object storage
– explain, implement and verify: orchestration service